The ABCs of Event Tech

An Event Organizer's Guide to Understanding Technology for Impactful Events

ABCs of Event Tech - Evenium

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From "Artificial Intelligence" to "X-perential marketing", the ABCs of Event Tech covers the key words that you need to better understand Event Tech.

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  • Must-know words used in Event Management Platforms
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Evenium, A Trusted Partner for Businesses

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Evenium provides technology for in-person professional meetings and events. 

Evenium empowers professionals to deliver better presentations, boost interactivity and easily enable networking among participants via their event app ConnexMe. Evenium aims to simplify event management for organizers, event promotion and registration, thanks to their online event management platform, Evenium Net.

Thousands of international organizations and over ten million users have employed Evenium's integrated end-to-end solutions to fully engage participants at such events like leadership meetings, sales kickoffs, training sessions, or conferences.

Whether you want to accomplish great things among your teams, promote ideas, teach, learn, convince people, brainstorm, or impact your world, Evenium solutions are here to empower you.

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